Mayor and Board of Trustees News & Announcements

December 9, 2019 - Mayor's Column

During this joyous time of the year when our shopping goes into overdrive, sadly we have to be mindful that there are thieves who will use... more ››

December 1, 2019 - Mayor's Column

At this time of year when thankfulness and gratitude take their rightful place in the forefront of our minds, I had the distinct pleasure... more ››

November 25, 2019 - Mayor's Column

Our police chief has asked me to dedicate my column this week to awareness of state and local laws relating to underage drinking as they... more ››

November 18, 2019 - Mayor's Column

As temperatures continue to plunge and winter fast approaches, this is an opportune time to refresh as to Village fall and winter... more ››

November 12, 2019 - Mayor's Column

New legislation passed by the most recent state legislature will make sweeping and dramatic changes to New York’s law on discovery, bail... more ››

November 4, 2019 - Mayor's Column

The Village Trustees and I, as of late, have been focusing on our underground infrastructure as much of it is approaching its 100th... more ››

October 28, 2019 Mayor's Column

Let there be light! As daylight savings time fast approaches, we at Village Hall are concentrating on illuminating some dark pockets... more ››

October 21, 2019 - Mayor's Column

An incredible benefit of my life as Mayor is meeting people whose paths I would simply never cross as a private citizen. One of those... more ››

October 7, 2019 Mayor's Column

This week’s column was prompted by a recent discussion I had with one of my fellow trustees. He observed how rewarding the job was as you... more ››

September 30, 2019 Mayor's Column

The following is a compilation of activities and news relating to the Village and local government for the fall months.The Library’s HVAC... more ››

September 23, 2019 Mayor's Column

Thanks to the picture perfect weather and the quantity and quality of merchandise, the Chamber of Commerce sponsored Fall Sidewalk Sale was... more ››

September 16, 2019 Mayor's Column

My job, in my mind the greatest gift, affords me distinct opportunities to meet people in the village whose paths I would never otherwise... more ››

September 9, 2019 Mayor's Column

Just as in summers past, the summer of 2019 proved to be a very busy one on the Village front. Most importantly, and perhaps most... more ››

July 29, 2019 Mayor's Column

As is custom, this is my last column until post Labor Day.For that reason, I want to update residents on what projects were untaken over... more ››

July 22, 2019 Mayor's Column

As the Village recovers from what most now believe was a “micro burst” during the recent storm on Wednesday night, our recap meeting... more ››

July 15, 2019 Mayor's Column

Our consultants assisting on the Village’s Comprehensive Plan have dug deep and extrapolated data and trends that were never grouped such... more ››

July 8, 2019 Mayor's Column

The Trustees and I continue to finalize our 2019 Comprehensive Plan.  Though sounding innocuous like a document headed for a bookcase shelf... more ››

July 1, 2019 Mayor's Column

As I walked by our decorative store windows festooned with red, white and blue, it brought a smile of gratitude for our country and a... more ››

June 24, 2019 Mayor's Column

Mary Liz Mulligan has stepped down after ten years of exemplary leadership and tireless effort as chair of our Village Green Committee and... more ››

June 17, 2019 Mayor's Column

Everyone in retail, industry, government and urban planning is discussing the impact of the Millennial Generation on communities going... more ››