◊  Dogwood Park

Garden Avenue, Bronxville, NY 10708

Sit and watch the tennis in this tree lined sloping park nestled between Garden Avenue and Valley Road.

Meter parking available in Garden Avenue parking lot.


◊  Maltby Park

Paxton Avenue, Bronxville, NY 10708

This is a peaceful little corner of 2.6 acres of grass which flourishes in spring with perimeter plantings and plenty of benches to sit. Bronxville paddle tennis courts sit alongside.

Public parking available on Paxton Avenue.


◊  Bronx River Park, Duck Pond and The Meadow 

Palmer Avenue/Paxton Avenue, Bronxville, NY 10708

A 21 acre area extending along the western edge of Bronxville includes pathways, open green spaces and Duck Pond. Owned by Westchester County and is used for biking, walks, informal play and as a sitting-out area.

Meter parking available on Paxton Avenue. To enter the park cross Palmer Avenue at the intersection with Paxton Avenue.


◊  Scout Field

1820 Midland Avenue, Bronxville, NY 10708

Scout Field is an open-use green space running along the Bronx River. Hike the short pathway which winds through trees and along the river. Sit on the grass and a pick up volley ball game when the weather is warm. Cross the bridge to access another short trail which winds behind the sports field, along the stream and up to Gramatan Avenue.

There is a parking lot at the field. Turn into the driveway from Midland Avenue and follow the (bumpy) driveway. Public parking is also available on Midland Avenue.


◊  Bicentennial Park

Located in the southwest corner of Meadow Avenue and Pondfield Road.

Sit and enjoy a sandwich from a nearby deli in this pretty landscaped garden area equipped with plenty of benches and paved areas.

Meter parking available on Pondfield Road.


◊  Sagamore Park

66 Sagamore Road, Bronxville, NY 10708

A hidden gem in Bronxville. There are three different playgrounds that are suited for different age groups, this is the perfect place for outdoor play. No dogs allowed.

Free and meter parking on Sagamore Road.


◊  Francis Bacon Park

Beechtree Lane, Sagamore Road and Kensington Road entrances.

Francis Bacon Park is a neighborhood treasure. An open green-space sits on the corner of Beechtree Lane and Kensington Road . If you stroll across the grass you discover a wooded area with trails running from Kensington Road up to Sagamore Road. The park is tranquil and occasionally springs to life with local children playing, weekend picnickers and local dog owners enjoying this secluded spot.

Best parking is found on Sagamore Road. Kensington Road parking is mostly residential permit holders only with assigned spots.