"Dark House" Checks

Furthering efforts to keep your home and property safe, the Bronxville Police Department offers daily "dark house" checks, performed by police officers in the normal course of their duties.  All residents are welcome to contact the police department and request a physical check of the exterior of their home during times when the house is vacant.  A brief phone call to the police desk will provide all the information necessary to allow officers to detect any suspicious or unusual circumstances at your residence.  Through this service, we may assist with doors and/or windows which may have inadvertently been left open or unlocked.  Subsequently, we will gladly contact you (if you choose to leave us a convenient phone number) or we can contact neighbors or family members whom you designate as "emergency contacts." This service has provided wonderful "peace of mind" to many residents prior to vacations or holiday times when homes may be left unattended for long periods.