April 2, 2024, Mayor's Column

Our Police Department issues an annual State of the Department report that discusses every aspect of local policing.

It is currently on the Village/P.D. website, but given its importance and comprehensive analysis, I thought the highlights deserve wider distribution.

The report says it all in the Mission Statement. “The Bronxville Police Department’s duty is to enhance life in our Village by working in partnership with the community in accordance with the constitutional rights to enforce laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide a safe environment.”

Twenty-three dedicated individuals including a Chief of Police, two lieutenants, two Detectives, five Sergeants and 13 police officers serve our population of 6525 composed of 46% males, 54% females and in 2221 households averaging 2.78 occupants per unit.

Our department currently has 21 male and two female officers, 16 of which are Caucasian, four Black officers and three of Hispanic heritage. As to years of service, the largest grouping is 16 to 20 years of experience in the 41 to 45 age bracket.

Highlights of our Leadership Team

Our Police Chief, Christopher Satriale, began his career in Bronxville in 1988; was appointed Chief in 2007 and has worn every shield in the department including Police Officer, Detective Sergeant, Detective, Sergeant, and Lieutenant. He is a member of the FBI Law-Enforcement Executive Development Association, the International Chiefs of Police, the New York State Chiefs of Police, the Bronxville School Health and Safety Committee, the Westchester County Chiefs Association and the New York State Officers Association.

Lieutenant William Carroll is a Marine Corps veteran who began his career with us in 2007 after serving in the New York City Police Department 2003-2007. He was promoted to his current position of Lieutenant in 2023. He is a Youth Officer, a hostage negotiator and a member of the Bicycle Unit.

Lieutenant Nicolas DeYoung began his career in 2004 with the NYPD and joined the Bronxville department in 2007 and was also promoted to Lieutenant in 2023. Lieutenant DeYoung oversees all department training, is a member of the Emergency Response Unit, Bicycle Unit, a Youth Officer, a Community Resource Officer, and Field Training Officer.

Department Divisions

Like other Westchester departments, we have a Patrol Division, Detective Division, Emergency Response Unit, Bicycle Patrol unit and what’s terribly important to our department, a Youth Division, as our police officers are keenly aware of the issues and dilemmas facing today’s youth and we have specially trained officers that provide invaluable assistance and direction to the young people and their families.

As it is essential that the community have confidence in the procedures of their police department and its integrity, any allegations of misconduct against members of the department are thoroughly and expeditiously investigated. It is the policy of our department to investigate any complaint of alleged officer misconduct, determine the validity and promptly and impartially take appropriate action when necessary. In 2023, there were four civilian complaints, resulting in no findings of misconduct.

Despite being such a small department, our police officers are some of the most highly trained and the following are just a few areas of expertise and recertification and enhancements to their highly professional careers.


Firing Range Qualification

Requalification sessions are conducted in March, June, July, and September as officers complete training qualification in the department-issued Glock duty weapon and department patrol rifles.

Every officer was recertified in CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Naloxone proficiency, and Mobile Crisis Response Team training – community based intervention to individuals in crisis including screening for suicide, or need for hospitalization and de-escalation and conflict resolution in coordination with medical and behavioral health services.

Additional Specialized Training

The Emergency Response Unit receives tactical training including covert searches, team movement, high-risk warrant service, active shooter response, structure clearing strategies, less lethal weapon use and certification, advanced firearms training, close-quarter tactics and active shooter responses.

In addition…
  • EMT school
  • Use of Force refresher course
  • De-Escalation training
  • Officer Wellness
  • Field Sobriety Test Training
  • Taser Instructor Certification
  • Pepper Bell Instruction
  • NYS SWAT School
  • Radar Operator Course
  • Investigative Photography
  • Crime Scene and Evidence Course
Calls for Service

Calls totaled 2,981 in 2023 progressing from 2,922 in 2022, 2,541 in 2021, and 2,370 in 2020.

Sample of Calls

Alarms – 296
Animal Complaints – 12
Auto Accidents – 188
Burglary – 3
Crime in Progress – 63
Domestic Dispute – 30
Disturbance – 92
Fire Department – 309
Juvenile Incidents – 32
Traffic Complaint – 168
Welfare Check – 48

To review the report in its entirety, click here