General Permit Information

If you know which permit you need, please go to FORMS to download the application form.
Instructions for each permit are on the application form.
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See below for general permit information.

Building Permit

Any construction, alteration, moving, demolition or change in the nature of occupancy of any building or other structure.

Certificate of Occupancy

Any construction which required the issuance of a building permit.  Any change in the nature of occupancy of an existing building or other structure.


Any construction which requires removing or destroying a building or structure. 


Any additional installation or modification to a building's electrical system; plans must also be filed with the Village and inspected by the New York Board of Fire Underwriters. Any work which does not involve wiring to a fixture. Any exterior lighting fixtures installed must be incandescent, unless approved by the Village Planning Board.


Installations or alterations to existing equipment. Please complete a Building Permit Application.


All new or replacement fence installations require a permit.

Repairs to existing fences do not. 

All in-ground swimming pools are required to be completely enclosed by fencing, in conformity with State requirements.

Generator Installation

Emergency generator installation.

Oil Burning Equipment

Installation or removal of oil burning equipment, including boilers, burners and fuel tanks.


Any installation which affects drainage, vent or water supply piping, including the extension, relocation and/or removal of piping. 

Replacement of fixtures does not require a permit unless the associated piping will be altered in some way.

Installation/addition/alteration to gas piping

Recreational Structure

Installation of recreational structure: Playset

Roof / Siding Installation Permit

Installation or replacement of roof/siding


Installation or replacement of shed

Signs & Awnings

Installation of new or replacement/refinishing of old signs

When to Contact Us

◊      The Village requires you obtain the proper permits for construction work performed on your property.

◊      Depending upon the type of work you may need one or more permits.

◊      Every construction project is unique please contact the Building Department at 914-337-7338 for detailed instructions of which permits you'll need.

◊      The best way to reach the Building Department is by email - click the name below or in How To Reach Us.