Bulky Waste Collection Request


◊     Items Not Accepted:

Car Batteries | Tires | Building Materials | Bath Tubs | Water Heaters  Boilers | Iron |  Steel | Propane Tanks |  Concrete | Stone | Organic Waste | Wood Construction Debris (including wood, bricks, plumbing fixtures, tiles, window, window frames, sheetrock, etc)

◊     TV's, Computer Monitors, Refrigerators (freon removed), Air Conditioners (freon removed) and Washer/Dryers are only picked up during the second week of the month.

◊     All cardboard is considered "recycling" and will be collected with your regular recycling.

◊     All items should be placed at curbside after dusk the night before or by 7:00 am the morning of the scheduled pick-up. 

◊     Your scheduled pickup is the second day of your normal garbage pickup, Thursday or Friday of your normal route.

◊     All requests must be received by the DPW office a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled date. 

◊     Click HERE to see what day your scheduled pick is.

◊     You will NOT receive a confirmation.

◊     Please only call the office if your collection has not been picked up by 12:00P.M. noon of the scheduled day.



Bulk Waste is collected on the second day of your normal scheduled pick-up, either Thursday or Friday. Please select which is applicable. To learn more about your normal schedule please see "My Schedule" on our main Sanitation & Recycling page.
Type of Material