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                                        ♦   Household Trash 
                                        ♦   Bulky Waste - Special Pick Ups
                                        ♦   Yard Waste
                                        ♦   Items We Don't Collect
                                        ♦   Batteries
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♦   ReCollect

This easy tool is provided by Sustainable Westchester. ReCollect can also be downloaded as a mobile app on your phone.


Find your collection schedule by trash category: Input your address in the My Schedule box below.  You may set up a pick-up appointment here also.

Recycling and disposing of specific waste items: Click on Recylopedia and add your address. 

For general Bronxville recycling information, scroll down the page.

Bronxville's 2020 Sanitation/Recycling Schedule: Is available upon request. Additional copies of the schedule are available at Village Hall and the Library.


♦   Houshold Trash

  • Qualifying Items: Regular household garbage. No large items or recyclables.
  • Pick Up Days: Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday
  • Holidays: No pickup
  • 2020 Sanitation Schedule: Click HERE

If you are not sure of your pickup day please call the Office of Public Works at (914) 337-7338

♦   Special Pick Up - Bulky Waste Collection


  • All Bulky Waste - Special Pick Ups require a Bulky Waste Collection Request form.
  • Complete and submit the Bulky Waste Form HERE
  • Payment: Pay online or to pay cash or check come to Village Hall. For online payments, you will be prompted once you have submitted the online Bulky Waste Request Form.
  • Payment must be received a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled pickup date.
  • Item Placement: Items for collection must be placed at curbside after dusk the night before or by 7:00 A.M. the morning of the scheduled pickup.
  • Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners properfly stickered with freon and doors removed, click HERE to visit Westchester County website for a list of contractors.
  • Bulky Waste - Special Pick Up Days:
    • Every Thursday: For those with Monday/Thursday trash collection days
    • Every Friday: For those with Tuesday/Friday trash collection days

♦   Batteries


  • Regular household batteries can be placed in your garbage.
  • Car batteries should be returned to the place of purchase ($5.00 rebate).
  • Retailers that sell rechargeable batteries are required to accept up to ten batteries per day.

♦   Items We Do Not Pick Up

Bath tubs  |  Building Materials  |  Car batteries  |  Car tires  |  Compressed gas cylinders (call Tech Air 949-5151 or Suburban Propane 666-5174)  |  Construction Debris  |  Explosives  |  Heating boilers  |  Iron  |  Pesticides  |  Propane tanks  |  Solvents  |  Steel  |  Stones  |  Tree Trunks and Stumps  |  Water heaters

♦   Recycling


  • Place materials curbside by 7:00A.M. on the collection date.
  • Do not place items in plastic bags.
  • Pick Up Day: Every Wednesday
  • Qualifying Items & Separation Requirements click HERE
  • Westchester County Quick Recycling Guide click HERE


♦   Yard Waste

Leaf Collection
  • Collection: Five days a week as needed throughout the Village mid October through the first week in December.

  • Leaves are to be placed curbside and kept off the street and sidewalks.

  • Do not mix twigs, branches, rubbish, flowers or any other materials in the leaf piles as it delays collection. Place them instead in a separate pile away from the leaves in biodegradable bags.

  • Better yet...Mulch leaves in place and experience a healthier lawn.

Other Yard Waste Collection (Grass clippings, small branches, twigs, flowers and cuttings)
  • Collection: The first week of April through the first week in October.
  • Grass Clippings: We encourage residents to leave their grass clippings as a means of recycling. Grass clippings can also be placed with your yard waste in biodegradable bags.
  • Small Branches: Are collected provided they meet the following criteria:  Cut into lengths not exceeding four feet.  Tied into bundles not exceeding 18" in diameter.  Kept separate from other yard waste materials.
  • Twigs, flowers and cuttings:   Place in biodegradable bags and put curbside.
Learn More!  Love 'Em and Leave 'Em is an initiative of Westchester County to reduce organic yard waste.
Click HERE


♦   Leaf Blower Regulation


The use of gasoline-powered blowers is unlawful in the Village from June 1 through September 30 of each year.


♦   Sanitation and Recycling Forms and Resources