In cooperation with Sustainable Westchester, the Village is happy to introduce ReCollect. This new tool will allow you to enter your address and find important information including your sanitation collection schedule and how to properly recycle or dispose specific waste items. The ReCollect tool can be used online or downloaded as a mobile app on your phone!

Copies of the 2020 Sanitation/Recycling Schedule will continue to be available upon request. Additional copies of the schedule are available at Village Hall and the Library.

◊ Household Garbage

  • ▫ Pick Up Days: Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday
  • ▫ If you not sure of your pickup day please call the Office of Public Works at (914) 337-7338
  • ▫ Qualifying Items: Regular household garbage. No large items or recyclables.
  • ▫ Holidays: No pickup
  • ◦ For the 2020 Sanitation Schedule Click HERE
  • ◦ For the 2019 Sanitation & Recycling Schedule click HERE

◊ Special Pickups - Bulky Waste Collection

  • ▫ All Bulky Waste Collections require a Bulky Waste Collection Request form.
  • ▫ Complete and submit the Bulky Waste Form HERE
  • ▫ Pay online or to pay cash or check come to Village Hall. For online payments, you will be prompted once you have submitted the online Bulky Waste Request Form.
  • ▫ Payment must be received a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled pickup date.
  • ▫ Items for collection must be placed at curbside after dusk the night before or by 7:00 A.M. the morning of the scheduled pickup.
  • ▫ Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners properfly stickered with freon and doors removed, click HERE to visit Westchester County website for a list of contractors.
  • ▫ Computer monitors and television mointors, washers, dryers, electronic equipment
  • ▫ Pick up Days:
  • ▫ For those with Monday/Thursday garbage collection days - bulky waste collection is every Thursday
  • ▫ For those with Tuesday/Friday garbage collection days - bulky waste collection is every Friday

◊ Batteries

  • ▫ Regular household batteries can be placed in your garbage.
  • ▫ Car batteries should be returned to the place of purchase ($5.00 rebate).
  • ▫ Retailers that sell rechargeable batteries are required to accept up to ten batteries per day.

Items We Do Not Pick Up: 

Bath tubs | Building Materials | Car batteries | Car tires | Compressed gas cylinders (call Tech Air 949-5151 or Suburban Propane 666-5174)

Construction Debris | Explosives | Heating boilers | Iron | Pesticides | Propane tanks | Solvents | Steel | Stones | Tree Trunks and Stumps  | Water heaters

◊ Recycling

  • ▫ Placement of Materials:
  • ▫ Place materials curbside by 7:00A.M. on the collection date.
  • ▫ Do not place items in plastic bags.
  • ▫ Pick Up Day: Every Wednesday
  • ▫ Qualifying Items & Separation Requirements click HERE
  • ◦ Westchester County Quick Recycling Guide click HERE

◊ Sanitation and Recycling Information & Forms

◊ Yard Waste

▫ Dates of Collection: The first week of April through the first week in October.

▫ How to prepare:
▫ Grass Clippings: The Village Encourages its residents to leave their grass clippings as a means of recycling. Grass clippings can also be placed with your yard waste in biodegradable bags.
▫ Small Branches:

  • Will be collected provided they meet the following criteria:
  • Cut into lengths not exceeding four feet
  • Tied into bundles not exceeding 18" in diameter
  • Kept separate from other yard waste materials

- Twigs, flowers and cuttings:

  • Place in biodegradable bags and put curbside

◊ Leaf Collection

▫ Dates of Collection: Five days a week as needed throughout the Village mid October through the first week in December.

▫ How to prepare:

- Leaves are to be placed curbside and kept off the street and sidewalks.

- Do not mix twigs, branches, rubbish, flowers or any other materials in the leaf piles as it delays collection. Place them instead in a separate pile away from the leaves in biodegradable bags.

Better yet...Mulch leaves in place and experience a healthier lawn.

◊ Leaf Blower Regulation

▫ The use of gasoline-powered blowers shall be unlawful in the Village during the period from June 1 through September 30 of each year.