A permit is required to film, videotape, video record, televise or take still photographs for commercial purposes (including student and not for profit projects) on public or private property.  All activity associated with filming shall be fully disclosed on the application form and shall not be amended. 

An Application for Filming Permit must be filed in completed form, with all applicable fees, at least 14 days prior to the first day of proposed filming.

Location fees for filming on private property are between the property owner and the film company.

The Village reserves the right not to permit film making activity of any kind if it is deemed not in the public interest.

Acceptance of the permit by the applicant includes the following conditions.  If they are not adhered to, the permit can be revoked and fines levied.

  1. Certificate of insurance naming Village of Bronxville as additional insured for $2,000,000
  2. Securing off-duty policemen for traffic and crowd control.  They will be paid directly and not through the Village
  3. Approval of Village Administrator and Police Chief
  4. Fees will be determined by the Village Administrator.  Checks should be made payable to the Village of Bronxville and are non-refundable
  5. Filming Permit Application can be sent via email to