Qualifying Items & Separation Requirements

Recycling Information

Commingled Items

Rinse all materials, remove lids then combine in one bin or more.  Metal lids can be placed in the bin with these items but plastic lids should be placed in your regular garbage.

 Acceptable ItemsUnaccepted Items


Only food and beverage containers made of unbroken clear, brown or green glass.

Light bulbs, kitchenware, crystal, mirrors and windows.


Only PET and HDPE plastic containers (code 1 through 7 printed on container) commonly used for food, beverages, detergents or shampoos.

Five gallon plastic pails, foam plastic, styrofoam, and flower pots.


Food and beverage containers, clean aluminum foils and trays, and empty aerosol cans.

Paint cans, oil cans and any container containing potentially hazardous chemicals.

Paper Items

You may combine all paper items for pickup.  Please remember not to tie anything in bundles except for corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags.  Do not place items in plastic bags.  You may put all paper items in corrugated boxes or brown bags.

 Acceptable ItemsUnaccepted Items

Newspaper & Junk Mail

Newspapers, outdated phone books, magazines, junk mail, brochures, catalogs, advertisements, letters & envelopes.

Paperback and hardcover books.


Corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags.

Waxed cardboard, milk and juice containers, cereal boxes, pizza boxes.