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June 2016

Whether you are a resident, merchant or visitor to our Village, there are places for you to park without risk of getting a ticket.

A permit is required to park in most of the Village metered lots between the hours of 8:00am and 3:00 pm, so be diligent in reading signs. However, note that all of the meters labeled for resident and merchant parking allow anyone to use the spaces in these sections after 3:00pm each day.

As of June 2016, all Village meters, both on street and in lots, will be enforced from 8:00am until 7:00pm.

RESIDENTS: If you own a home in the Village that does not have a garage or driveway as part of the property title or you plan on purchasing or renting such a home, you may put your name on the reserved parking waiting list and the Village will contact you three times when a space becomes available. Reserved spaces are dedicated, twenty-four hour a day parking spaces and cost $110 per month.

Resident parking permits are available for $20 per year and allow residents to park in those spaces in the Village lots designated as “Residents Only”. Parkers must still feed the meters.

Bronxville residents who need to park for the entire day (long-term) in the Village or near the train station may obtain a resident permit and park at the meters labeled “Resident Parking” all along the railroad platform and in two sections of the row adjacent to Kraft Avenue in the Kraft lot. These "quarters only" meters cost $0.50 per hour Monday through Friday and $1.00 per hour on Saturday. If feeding the meter is undesirable, residents may purchase a prepaid commuter buyout for an annual fee of $1000. This permit allows parking at all of the meters mentioned above as well as the Avalon lot on the west side. In an effort to promote green initiatives and save valuable parking spaces, residents driving Vespas or motor bikes may park for free at the Avalon lot after obtaining a free permit from the Village.

Overnight parking is prohibited on all Village streets between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 a.m. and cars are ticketed accordingly. This is not only for the obvious needs of street cleaning and snow plowing, but also to spot abandoned or suspicious cars left on Village streets. Overnight permits are available to residents and qualifying merchants only and cost $230 per year. This permit allows a resident to park a vehicle in the Cedar Street, Garden Avenue or Maltby Parking Lots between 6:00pm and 8:00am every day and all day on Sunday. If you do not use your car for commuting, this is not a good solution.

PUBLIC PARKING: If you do not have a resident parking permit, you can still park at all street meters or in the public meter sections of the Cedar Street, Garden Avenue and Kraft Avenue lots. These meters all vary in length of stay from thirty minutes to ten hours, depending on the meter time designation. Please consult the signs before you park.

Long term parking for up to thirteen hours is available at the following sites:

All meters on Meadow Avenue.

All meters at the angled spaces on Stone Place.

The long-term meter rate is $0.50 per hour Monday through Friday and $1.00 per hour on Saturday. These longer-term meters take quarters only and have a prepayment built in, allowing one to arrive as early as 7:00am. These spaces are a great solution for all-day visitors or shoppers.

MERCHANT PARKING: The Village of Bronxville is sensitive to the fact that there is limited parking in the central business district. There are places for merchants to park, long or short term, so that the street parking spaces will be free and available for customer parking. If merchants or their employees park in street parking spaces, they are doing their business and the neighboring businesses a great disservice.

Merchant parking permits are available for $30 per year and allow merchants to park in those spaces in the Village lots designated as “Merchant Parking”. Merchant permit holders receive a discounted rate but must still feed the meters. Merchant parking spaces are available in the Cedar Street, Garden Avenue, and Kraft Avenue Lots. This permit is appropriate for part time staffers or those who work irregular hours.

Merchants may purchase a prepaid merchant buyout for an annual fee of $1000. This permit allows the holder to park at any of the meters reserved for merchants in the Cedar Street, Garden Avenue, Kraft Avenue, and Maltby Parking Lots without feeding the meters.  Merchant buyouts are appropriate for any business owner or full time staffer who regularly commutes to Bronxville by car.

Please call the Parking Department at Village Hall if you need further information about parking in the Village of Bronxville.

914-337-6500 or 914-337-2024

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