Resident - 24/7 Dedicated Reserved Parking

◊     If you own a home in the Village that does not have a garage or driveway as part of the property title or you plan on purchasing or renting such a home, you may put your name on the reserved parking waiting list.◊     We will contact you when a space becomes available.

Click HERE to join the waiting list

◊     Application Forms
  • These spaces are waiting list only.
  • Application forms will be emailed once you receive notification that you are eligible.  
     Fees and Effective Dates
  • Spaces are leased continually throughout the year as they become available
  • Agreements are effective from March 1 (or any part thereof) through February 28th
  • $120/month outdoor
  • $140/month indoor (Kensington Garage)
  • You must provide proof of residency and the resident must have no unpaid village parking summonses

Lots and Locations: 

◊     Sagamore & Kensington Road Area
  • Kensington Garage 
  • Upper Kensington 
     Parkway Road Area
  • Maltby Lot
  • Stone Place
     Tanglewylde Avenue
  • Colodny Lot

Email us HERE if you require additional information.