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Villa BXV Construction and Kensington Parking Garage

Sidewalks, Lighting and Other Exterior Improvements:


The sidewalk in front of the development is largely complete and will become accessible in the coming weeks.  Lighting will also become functional at that time.  Roadway restoration including curbing and sidewalks on the east side of Kensington Road is planned for late summer.


Parking Garage:


The Village anticipates that limited access to the garage will become available early this summer.  The Village will begin relocating merchants parking in the Garden Lot to the Garage at that time along with commuters from the Kraft lot.  LK Permit Holders currently parking on street will be relocated later in the year as construction begins to wind down.  For additional information concerning the rollout of parking availability in the garage please email parking@vobny.com or call 337-2024.


Building Construction:


Buildout of north and south building interiors continue and it’s anticipated that units may become available for occupancy as early as the fall.


James Palmer

Village Administrator


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