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History Center

The Bronxville History Center

The Bronxville History Center is the Village of Bronxville’s repository of personal papers, organizational records, photographs and other audiovisual materials, newspapers, maps, blueprints, and posters, books, articles, and other printed materials, and artifacts relating to the history of Bronxville. 

The History Center is located in the lower level of the Bronxville Public Library.  It had its origin in the collecting activities of early Bronxville village historians, who accumulated manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, and other materials relating to Bronxville’s history.  To these materials were added, over the years, others donated to the village by many people who wanted to help preserve a record of its past.  For many years, village historians kept these historical materials in their home.  By the late 1970s, as it became clear that the collection of historical materials had outgrown the limits of home storage, the village decided to create a facility which would provide secure and environmentally controlled storage for the collection and space for research work.  In 1981-1982, the village built in the lower level of the Bronxville Public Library a room, named the Local History Room, to house the collection.  The room was doubled in area as part of the public library’s 2000-2001 renovation.  In 2016, the name of the Local History Room was changed to reflect its increasing commitment to making the Village’s history a living reality to both the people of Bronxville and people everywhere who encounter this important history either in person in the village or on the internet.  The new name—designating not just a place, but an organization with a mission which is essentially educational—is the Bronxville History Center.

The History Center’s holdings are accessible to researchers, by appointment with the village historian, during the public library’s open hours.  Its important collection of historical newspapers is available and searchable online, at news.hrvh.org.  Finding aids for some of its collections are accessible online at empireadc.org, and new finding aids are continually being created and included on this site.

Ray Geselbracht, Village Historian