Bronxville Police Department

The Village of Bronxville Police Department,under the command of Chief of Police Christopher Satriale, is a state-of-the-art, professionally staffed law enforcement department dedicated to providing optimal services for all village residents and those who visit or do business within our environs.

Through comprehensive, preventative measures, the department is continually vigilant in its efforts to maintain a lawful and peaceful atmosphere, thereby helping to facilitate a high quality of life for all residents.

Chief of Police

The Chief of Police oversees the management of the Police Department which is responsible for public safety and law enforcement in the Village. Our Police Department provides 24 hour safety protection, prompt and courteous service, and is trained to respond in medical emergencies, CPR and external defibrillator.

Our Department

The department, comprised of twenty-one dedicated individuals, staffs a chief of police, one lieutenant, one detective sergeant, one detective, five uniformed sergeants and twelve police officers. In addition to the continual patrol and crime prevention measures undertaken throughout the day and night, the police department provides prompt and courteous service for a wide variety of situations.

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Bicycle Patrol

The Police Department maintains a bicycle patrol unit which remains quite popular with residents, merchants and visitors to Bronxville.  Bicycle patrol enables each assigned officer to personally interact with the public and provides officers the opportunity to become particularly familiar with their surroundings.  Thus, powers of observation are enhanced and unusual circumstances are more readily detected.

Detective Division

The Bronxville Police Department's Detective Division conducts all follow-up investigations and maintains continual contact with other area police departments and the Westchester County District Attorney's Office.  Through such mutual access with other law enforcement agencies, the detective division is able to monitor possible crime trends and suggest preventative measures, while availing the department of the latest developments in investigative techniques.  Additionally, the detective division delivers crime prevention lectures to various groups, offers fingerprinting services to villagers and small children for identification purposes and security surveys for residences and businesses.  

Youth Division

The Bronxville Police Department is keenly aware of the issues and dilemmas facing today's youth, and specially trained officers administer to these problems for our younger residents.  From youth crime to resolving non-criminal matters, the Youth Division can provide invaluable assistance and direction.

Staff Members


Chief of Police