Parking: PUBLIC

Bronxville Parking

A limited number of Non-Resident daytime parking permits are available in the Kraft Avenue Parking Lot at this time.  Click here for the current Non-Resident parking permit application form.”


◊   Street meters are open to the public 7 days a week. 

◊   Meter payment is required Monday through Saturday 8:00 am through 7:00 pm with the exception of the following Holidays: 
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
◊   Payments may be made as follows:
  • Street meters - coins or mobile app (PANGO)
  • Paystation - coin, credit card mobile app PANGO
  • Meter time limits are monitored  during enforcement days.   Please read signs carefully.
  • You may not leave your vehicle at a meter overnight.
  • Meters Located in the Lots may be limited to permits - please read signs carefully


◊   2 Hour Parking
  • Cedar Street – all meters
  • Cedar Street Lot –all meters in the row adjacent to the street
  • East Alley – all meters                                                            
  • Kraft Avenue – all meters
  • Kensington Road - in front of 15 Kensington - pay at paystation or by PANGO
  • Millburn Street - all meters
  • Parkway Road – meters near the Avalon apartment building
  • Paxton Avenue – all meters
  • Pondfield Road – all meters between Valley and Sagamore Roads
  • Sagamore Road - all meters
  • Stone Place - all meters on the north side of the street
  • Tanglewylde Avenue - all meters
◊   3 Hour Parking
  • Cedar Street Lot – all meters except those in the row adjacent to the street and the merchant spaces
  • Garden Avenue Lot – spaces on the western side of the first row (closest to the building)
  • Kraft Avenue Lot – public parking spaces immediately to the left of the lot entrance
◊   4 Hour Parking
  • Garden Avenue Lot – spaces on the eastern side of the first row (closest to the building)
◊   12 Hour Parking
  • Meadow Avenue - all meters
  • Stone Place - all meters at angled parking spaces on the south side of the street
  • Paxton Avenue - all meters between Lower Milburn and Stone Place (please note - these meters require payment in increments of $1.00)


◊   Up to Four Hours at meters labeled for Resident/Merchant Parking

◊   Monday through Friday, 3:00 pm through 7:00 pm   

◊   With the exception of the Cedar Lot resident spaces the public may park at meters labeled for resident and merchant parking after 3:00pm Monday through Friday in the following locations:
  • Kensington Garage - Purple R  and Orange M
  • Garden Lot
  • Cedar Lot Merchant Only
  • Kraft Lot

◊   Please note the resident meters are $.50/hour and the merchant meters are $.50 or $.75/hour and each may be fed for up to four hours weekdays. 


◊   Long term parking for up to the full enforcement period of eleven hours is available at the following sites:

  • Some meters at the Angled spaces on Stone Place
  • Paxton Avenue adjacent to the Bronx River Parkway entrance
  • Kraft lot Resident
  • Meadow Avenue adjacent to the school
  • Garden Lot merchant meters

◊   The long-term meter rate is $1.00 per hour on Saturday.


◊   Sunday and Holidays
  • Park for free each Sunday and posted Holidays in most parking areas in the Village of Bronxville.
  • Read signs for limitations and make special note of “Reserved Spaces”.