May 22, 2023, Mayor's Column

In last week’s column, I featured some of the most frequently asked questions directed at Village government that related to the Police Department in particular.

As a result of the positive responses I received, I thought I would extend questions to other departments in Village Hall and enlisted our incredible staff in sharing what inquiries come their way with some frequency.

I will divide by department and encourage you to keep asking questions and reaching out to us because it quite sincerely helps us to do our jobs in an even more responsive and efficient manner.

Administrative Offices
  • Marriage license says cannot be obtained at Village Hall.
  • One must go to a city or town which in proximity means Eastchester, Scarsdale, or Yonkers.
  • Once you have a valid license, you are welcome to call Village Hall as the two judges and the mayor are legally empowered to perform ceremonies.
  • Birth and death certificates may be obtained at Village Hall if the event took place within the Village of Bronxville.
  • By State law, handicap permits can only be given to Village residents.
  • Bronxville post office addresses must obtain their handicap permits in the city or town to which they pay their property taxes.
  • Village and school taxes can now be paid online. Village tax bills are mailed in early June and to save on time and money, the envelope contains two payments stubs. Taxes are due on June 30 and December 31 respectively.
  • Eastchester town taxes must be paid to Eastchester directly and are due by April 30.
  • Does the Village have a Notary available?  Yes. Village Hall has several staff members available for Village related business and by appointment for non-Village business.

To learn about any Village news, laws, regulations, please sign up for alerts on the Village website.

Building Department
  • Do I need a permit to install a playset on my property?  Yes and you must meet all relevant rear and side yard setbacks as well.
  • Do I need a permit to renovate a kitchen and/or a bathroom?  Yes and the Building Department permit application has examples of what is needed for an upgrade. You can find this information by visiting the Building Department’s webpage.
  • How long does it take to receive your permit?  Once the application is complete, typical review time is 3 to 4 weeks and it is best to have all subcontractors file while review is underway to speed up the process.
  • Do my taxes go up once a certificate of occupancy is issued?  Contrary to what many residents believe, closing out a permit does not trigger an increase to your taxes. Once a permit is applied for, the Assessor receives a set of architectural drawings, showing all improvements being done. Not closing out a permit will affect a homeowner when you try to sell your house, causing delays in your closing. You can call the Building Department to schedule an appointment to view your property folder and see if you have any open permits prior to starting any selling process. 
  • Can my permit be expedited?  No, Bronxville treats everyone equally and permits are reviewed on a first come first serve basis.
  • How do I schedule a bulky waste pick up?  Head to the Village’s DPW webpage to schedule a bulk waste pick-up. Bulk waste pick-ups are $20 and materials are collected on the second day of your sanitation schedule. There are certain items our DPW staff is unable to pick up so please make sure to read through the bulk request specifications to ensure your item can be collected. 
  • How do I order a food waste bin to join the composting initiative?  Visit Village Hall, second floor and ask for Stephen Shallo. He and his staff will be happy to assist you. Each food waste bin costs $25 and provides a complete kit to get you started on the food scrap collection 
  • Where can I get information about long-term parking options?  There is no overnight on street parking throughout the Village, but overnight parking             permits are available in specific lots to residents in need of long-term overnight parking.

           Paxton Avenue and Stone Place offer 11-hour parking meters with the meters requiring payments in increments of a one-dollar minimum for one hour parking.               Contact our Parking Permit Office at (914) 623-5379 or email Janine Marsigliano to discuss all the parking options available.

  • If I want to take down a tree, how do I determine if it is on Village property or private property? Before taking down any tree along the Village right of way, property owners should contact Assistant Village Administrator Stephen Shallo  to confirm ownership of the tree.
  • Trees which are situated on Village property may not be removed by a resident without written Village permission.
  • If I notice a sick/dead tree in the Village, to whom should I report it? Again, reach out to the Assistant Village Administrator Stephen Shallo.
  • If the tree is on Village property, we will work with our arborist and DPW staff to address the situation. If the tree is on private property, the homeowner will be instructed by Village Hall as to what steps need to be taken.