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◊      The Assessor is responsible for determining a valuation on each parcel of real property in the Village for tax purposes. He maintains the assessment rolls by preparing an annual assessment, making adjustments to the roll where appropriate.

◊       The Assessor is appointed by the Board of Trustees on an annual basis.  The current Assessor, Gerry Iagallo, is responsible for determining the value of all real property within the Village’s boundaries. This value is converted into an assessment, which  is one of three components in the computation of real property tax bills. (Total taxable assessed value. Village and school taxes to be raised. Village and school tax rate per one thousand of assessed value).


Important Dates

◊       All Exemption Applications are due January 1st. This includes:

▫      Veteran Exemptions
▫      Senior Citizen Exemptions
▫      STAR Exemptions
▫      ​​​​​​​Non-Profit Exemptions

◊       Valuation Date - January 1st
◊       Tentative Roll Date - February 1st
◊       Grievance Date - Third Tuesday in February (always)
◊       Latest Date to File Grievance Complaint - Third Tuesday in February (always)
◊       Final Roll Date - April 1st
◊       Final Date for Filing Legal Complaints in Westchester Court System - April 30th


Grievance Complaints

◊       To grieve your assessment (the valuation of your property), please submit the following to the Assessor’s Office in February of each year, up and until the third Tuesday in February.

     ▫     An original and two (2) copies of the application
▫     Any substantiating documentation

◊       On that evening, the Board of Assessment Review meets to review the assessment grievance submissions, and receive oral testimony from property owners. After careful deliberation, the Board will render a written disposition in the first week of April.

◊       Assessment grievance complaint forms are available HERE.


Who To Contact With Property Assessment Questions

◊       Most of your everyday questions, such as what is the assessed value of my property, can be answered by Laura Ann Sciame.
         Please call 914-623-5374.

◊       Detailed questions can be directed to the Assessor, Gerry Iagallo.
         Please call 914-

◊       For a complete detail of all aspects of the Real Property System click HERE to link to the home page of the State RPS web site .