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Help Keep Our Water Clean

Dispose of Pet Waste Properly

Pet waste left on the streets or deposited in storm sewers is a hazard to the environment. The waste travels through the storm water drainage system and ends up in local lakes, streams and other watersheds. Waste placed in plastic bags then dropped in storm sewers causes dangerous bacteria to grow in the water.  Furthermore, the bags get caught on branches or roots that have been naturally deposited in the sewer lines and cause further contamination and backups.

Pet waste should be picked up and placed in a garbage can for proper disposal.

Wash your Car Responsibly

Keep in mind the following ideas to wash cars responsibly:

  • Use a commercial car wash whenever possible.
  • Wash cars on gravel, grass or other permeable surfaces to provide proper filtration.
  • Block off storm drains during charity carwash events or use an insert to catch wash water.
  • Use hoses with nozzles that automatically turn off when unattended.
  • Use only biodegradable soaps.

De-Chlorinate Your Pool Before Draining

Chlorinated water has an adverse impact on local water quality.  Please de-chlorinate water before draining your pool. If de-chlorination is not possible discharge the water to land, where it will not drain to local surface waters.

Proper Use of Chemicals for Pest Control

Pesticides in storm water run off has a direct impact on the health of aquatic organisms and can present a threat to humans through contamination of drinking water supplies. Please keep the following suggestions in mind when applying pest controls.

Carefully follow instructions for the amount and concentration when applying chemicals. Increasing the concentration or amount of chemicals will not result in anything but more chemical runoff. Use the proper amount and apply as frequently as directed.

Use Natural Lawn Care Products and Fertilizers

Homeowners do not realize that lawn fertilizers can cause water quality problems. Runoff from excess fertilizer applied to lawns ends up in the storm water drains and finally in local watersheds. Please use natural fertilizers and follow application instructions.