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Residential Alarm Permit

Who must register and why?

All residential alarms must be registered with the Village, and the police department oversees and directs this registration process.  An Alarm Permit Application Form may be obtained through the department or this web site, and such a form will include information regarding emergency contacts for your residence, alarm system data and other pertinent points of interest. In the event of ANY activation, police officers WILL RESPOND to your home if contacted by your particular alarm company.


Annual Fees

Your alarm permit is renewable each January for a fee of $50.

False Alarm Fees

  • $ 0.00 - First 2 false alarms 
  • $25.00 - Third false alarm
  • $50.00 - Fourth false alarm 
  • $75.00 - Fifth and every false alarm thereafter

False Alarms

There are penalties for false alarms. The first two false alarms are free.  However there is a $25.00 fee for the 3rd incident, $50.00 for the fourth and $75.00 per incident for five or more.  At times when alarm personnel may be testing or repairing the system in your home, the police department should be notified in advance to avoid these penalties.

We'll Keep Your Residential Key

As an added courtesy to villagers, the police department maintains a library of residential keys in the event of emergencies or at times when you inadvertently may have been locked out of your home.

Application Form

Click here to view or print application form.