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Multi-Space Pay Stations - Garden Lot

Pay Station kiosks that enable patrons to simply use their parking space number to purchase time are now available in the Garden Avenue Lot.  The three kiosks are conveniently located and accept coins, dollar bills, five dollar bills and MasterCard and Visa.  Patrons can also continue to use our pay-by-phone app PANGO if that is more convenient.  To use the pay stations just follow the simple steps below:

1. Remember the four digit number assigned to your parking space and walk to the nearest kiosk and input your space number using the keypad.

2. Choose your method of payment - press 1 for cash or coin or press 2 for a credit card transaction.

3. Begin inserting money to purchase your time (the display indicates the amount of time you purchased and when your time will expire) and then hit OK.

4. Wait for a receipt to be printed.

You do not need to insert the receipt on your dashboard. The receipt is for your confirmation purposes only.  It's that easy!

Please call (914) 337-2024, x120 or email Parking@vobny.com concerning any questions you may have.

Click HERE for a tutorial video on the new kiosks.