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Kensington Garage Permit Information


In consideration of the opening of the Kensington Garage and Villa BXV the Village retained a traffic engineer to study traffic flow - including pedestrian movements - in proximity to the garage and building. After a comprehensive review by our engineer he has presented a traffic plan that significantly reduces the number of vehicle and pedestrian conflicts and provides for traffic calming islands to reduce the speed of vehicles travelling through the area.


We have temporarily marked out the proposed plan with pavement markings, proper signage and reflective traffic candlesticks. The plan will require some adjustments on the part of motorists and pedestrians that frequent the location. Please be patient during this transitional period.

We expect to monitor the plan over the next few months and complete permanent improvements in the Spring (along with other improvement there including the repaving of Kensington Road, new curbing and larger sidewalk alongside the rear of Christ Church.

Feel free to share your thoughts and observations with us at traffic@vobny.com 


Click here to view the Kensington Road Traffic Temporary Plan


 The new parking garage at 15 Kensington Road is now open.  If you are a resident commuter interested in buying an annual "buyout" permit for $1250 for use of the garage please go to the link below to download an application form:


Click here to obtain a resident permit application form.


Click Here to view the Garage Map






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