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Village Historian

The Bronxville Village Historian is a part-time volunteer appointed annually by the Village Board of Trustees.  The current appointee, Raymond H. Geselbracht, is the latest of a series of volunteers who have over a period of many decades worked to collect and preserve documents relating to Bronxville’s history, and to make this history accessible and meaningful to Bronxville’s residents and to others interested in its history.   Toward the achievement of these goals, Village Historians have sought donations of correspondence, newspapers, photographs, maps, books, and other historical materials relating to Bronxville from individuals and organizations, answered questions from the public, made presentations to the public and to students, created exhibits, and written books and articles.  In recent years, Village Historians have made historical materials available online and created finding aids to historical materials and made these available online.

The Village Historian coordinates with Village officials and with civic organizations dedicated to preserving Bronxville’s history—most notably the Bronxville Historical Conservancy.

Former Village Historian Eloise L. Morgan edited and contributed to an important history of Bronxville—Building a Suburban Village: Bronxville, New York, 1898-1998 (1998).  Ms. Morgan’s Bronxville Views: The Past in Picture Postcards, which tells the history of Bronxville using vintage postcards, can be purchased at Village Hall or by contacting the Village Historian.

Ray Geselbracht may be reached at geselbracht321@gmail.com.